My Girls

Did you hear? My girls hacked each other's hair off. My first reaction was to start crying. I was surprised when I started to laugh and couldn't' stop. Their hair was just awful. You can see more pictures here.

After I found them with most of their hair gone, I ran them to the mall. Oh, you should have seen the looks I got. I took them to Darryl Murphy @ North West Beauty. He was a miracle worker. I had all three girls with me in the salon. Kamryn dumped all her Goldfish all over the floor and was running up and down the product isles. Brooklyn was screaming because she didnt' want to get her hair cut. Are you kidding me!? I thought to myself. You just hacked off over 8 inches yourself! Luckily my good friend Michelle showed up to help me out.

After all that, here's the final cut. What do you think????






krystal said...

he did good. really good. i think the girls still look beautiful.

Kristine said...

ohh gosh. this story is so crazy! their long beautiful locks GONE! but they still look darling as ever! such cute girls.
did they learn their lesson??

Meagan said...

That is INSANE. They cut off SOOO much! Good for you for not crying and freaking out. Their hair is so cute now! Fun for summer and I am sure MUCH easier to manage. Their long locks were so beautiful, but as we know...hair grows!!

I remember cutting my hair in the front right before a dance recital and I had to have my hair in a TIGHT high bun, and It was impossible with my hair chopped off in the front. My mom was SOOO mad at me but we made it work with massive amounts of gel, hairspray and bobby pins.

Melissa said...

Can I just say that that pic of Lauryn is the best pic I've seen of her.
She looks stunning and I hope you frame it for the world to see.
Well done in capturing her personality.
The crop, angle, editing are all fantastic to make this picture perfect!!
Good job K8, you should pat yourself on the back from me.
Or maybe slap your knee ;)